Engineered CAR iT Cell

T-cell immunotherapies currently undergoing clinical investigation are patient-specific and their delivery requires the extraction, engineering, expansion and re-introduction of each individual patient’s T cells. This multi-step manufacturing process is logistically challenging and complex, and significant hurdles remain to ensure that patient-specific T-cell immunotherapies can be efficiently and consistently manufactured, and safely and reliably delivered, at the scale necessary to support broad patient access and wide-spread commercialization.

Engineering therapeutic attributes into master iPSC lines, such as antigen specificity, lack of alloreactivity, enhanced persistence and histocompatibility, is a breakthrough approach to renewably generate potent T-cell immunotherapies. This unique approach offers the prospect for off-the-shelf delivery of T-cell immunotherapies with enhanced safety and therapeutic potential at the scale necessary to treat significant numbers of patients.

We are developing chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell products created from master engineered iPSC lines as off-the-shelf cancer immunotherapies for the treatment of liquid and solid tumors. We have a partnership with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for the development of off-the-shelf T-cell therapy products using master engineered iPSC lines. Additionally, we launched a majority-owned subsidiary, Tfinity Therapeutics, Inc., to focus exclusively on the advancement of off-the-shelf T-cell immunotherapies across a wide range of diseases.

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