Our cell therapy product candidate pipeline is comprised of first-in-class cellular immunotherapies for cancer and immune disorders. Our programs reflect our dedication and commitment to pioneering ground breaking science to address severe, life-threatening diseases where the unmet need is significant and the treatment options are limited.
Product Cell Type Engineered Functionality Indication R&D PreClinical Clinical Collaboration
iPSC-derived Cell Products – Hematologic Malignancies
FT516 iNK hnCD16 AML

FT516 iNK hnCD16 BCL + mAb

FT596 iNK hnCD16 + IL15-RF + CAR19 BCL and CLL ± mAb

FT538 iNK hnCD16 + IL15-RF + CD38-KO AML

FT538 iNK hnCD16 + IL15-RF + CD38-KO MM + mAb

FT576 iNK hnCD16 + IL15-RF + CD38-KO + CAR-BCMA MM ± mAb

FT819 iT TRAC-targeted CAR19 + TCR-KO Hematologic Malignancies

iPSC-derived Cell Products – Advanced Solid Tumors
FT500 iNK Non-engineered Advanced Solid Tumors + CPB

FT516 iNK hnCD16 Advanced Solid Tumors + mAb

FTxxx iNK and iT Multiplexed engineered CAR-MICA/B Advanced Solid Tumors

iPSC-derived Cell Products – Cancer Immunotherapy Collaborations
Janssen iNK and iT Multiplexed engineered CAR-targeted Up to 4 cancer antigens

Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies
ONO iT Multiplexed engineered CAR-targeted Up to 2 cancer antigens

ONO Pharmaceutical
iPSC-derived Cell Products – Immune Disorders
FT301 iMDSC Multiplexed engineered Not disclosed

Donor-derived Cell Products
ProTmune™ Hematopoietic graft Small molecule modulated (non-engineered) Hematologic Malignancies

iPSC = induced pluripotent stem cell   iNK = iPSC-derived NK cell   iT = iPSC-derived T cell   iMDSC = iPSC-derived myeloid-derived suppressor cell hnCD16 = high-affinity, non-cleavable CD16 Fc receptor   IL15-RF = IL-15/IL-15 receptor fusion   CD38-KO = CD38 knock-out   CAR = chimeric antigen receptor mAb = monoclonal antibody   CPB = checkpoint blockade therapy AML =  Acute myelogenous leukemia   BCL = B-cell lymphoma   CLL = Chronic lymphocytic leukemia   MM = Multiple myeloma